Uzma Dadabai is a self- taught artist who has developed her own style of Arabic Calligraphy, drawing her inspiration purely from the names of God and verses (Ayahs) from the Holy Quran. Uzma was born and schooled in Karachi, Pakistan. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree before her marriage to Qutub Dadabai, a well renowned Bahraini businessman, and her subsequent move to settle in Bahrain.

Painting has been Uzma’s passion and pastime from as early as her memory serves her. “I used to write words from the Quran on top of each other when I was just five years old and at seven years of age, I won a prestigious award from the Pakistani Prime Minister’s wife for a drawing of a mosque,” she happily reminisces, adding “My only inspiration is- and always has been – God’s name and this manifests in my works.”

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